Smartphone shipments approach one billion

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Jun 14, 2013 Jim Lawler (0)

Nearly 959 million smartphones will be shipped in 2013, according to the latest estimates from International Data Corp., reports Resource Recycling MagazineE-Scrap News June 6th. The 33 percent year-over-year increase in global shipments also represents the first time that smartphone shipments will eclipse conventional cell phones, according to IDC. Much of this growth is expected to come from emerging markets, which will account for 65 percent of all shipments this year, compared to just 43 percent of global smartphone shipments in 2010. The continued drop in the price of new units could potentially affect sales of refurbished phones, which are often resold in emerging markets or on budget carriers in developed markets. For those retired mobile devices, including phones, smartphones and tablets, Quicksilver Recycling Services provides our clients the assurance their mobile devices will be managed in an environmentally sound, secure and economically viable way whether recycling obsolete devices or refurbishing them for reuse purposes.

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